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Buried Body Found By Kilnerpark Community Members

28 January 2021

Staff Reporter/ PretoriaLIVE

Pretoria – A body was discovered in a ditch in Kilnerpark, east of the N1 highway last week.

A Moot resident made a grisly discovery in Kilnerpark last week when he went to investigate what he presumed to be cables being stolen  but shocked to find an already decomposing body buried in a ditch.

On Friday, Villieria resident John Dreyer received information from other residents that they had heard noises from the railway line, and presumed that cables were being stolen across Matterson and Slater roads.

Earlier during the week, according to Dreyer, suspected cable thieves were busy digging holes at the same spot.

“Around 06:00 on Friday, I went out to the scene and found where the ditches were dug and cables were cut.”

“While taking photos of the ditches, I noticed the smell of rotten meat. I walked closer to investigate and saw that one of the ditches were filled with cement tiles and soil,” Dryer said.

“A head-shaped piece of cloth was sticking halfway out of the ground.”

“At first, I thought it might be a few pieces of meat that were left after a meal, but on closer inspection there were a few hints that it might be a buried body,” explained Dreyer.

Kilnerpark Security (KPS) and Villieria police members were summoned to the scene.

The K9 unit as well as the Tshwane policing diving unit were called to the scene.

It was confirmed that it was a body that was buried in the ditch. It already started decomposing.

“It is impossible to spot the trespassers due to the terrain and excess vegetation.”

“This it makes it very difficult for trespassers or perpetrators to be observed,” added Dreyer.

Ancelize van der Kooi, spokesperson of KPS, confirmed that an unidentified body was discovered.

“It is not yet known as to how long the body has been laying there, but must have been there for days as it had started to decompose,” she said.

Meanwhile police are yet to provide give a comment on the case.