China's foreign affairs spokesperson Hua Chunying

Beijing lambasts plot to “contain” China

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30 March 2021

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Pretoria – China’s foreign affairs ministry has described the diplomatic tensions between Beijing and Washington DC as a deliberate ploy by the West, and a strategic conspiracy meant to disrupt and control China.

China’s foreign affairs spokesperson Hua Chunying made the claims at a media conference where through a video clip, she showed reporters how Lawrence Wilkerson  chief of staff, to former US Secretary of State Colin Powel delivered remarks at the Ron Institute in Washington in 2018.

China's foreign affairs spokesperson Hua Chunying
China’s foreign affairs spokesperson Hua Chunying

In the video Powel underlines America’s threefold intentions, firstly the presence of US military in Afghanistan. According to that video, one of the purposes was to contain China as well as to destabilize Hong Kong using the 20 million Uyghurs in that region by fomenting unrest.

Hua said: “We’ve just watched this video clip together. I wonder what you think of it. The speaker is Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to former Secretary of State Colin Powell and retired US Army Colonel. He was speaking at the Ron Paul Institute in August 2018 on the threefold purposes of the US presence in Afghanistan, one of which is to contain China.”

“He (Powel) said undisguisedly that ‘the third reason we were there [in Afghanistan] is because there are 20 million Uyghurs [in Xinjiang]. The CIA would want to destabilize China and that would be the best way to do it to foment unrest and to join with those Uyghurs in pushing the Han Chinese in Beijing from internal places rather than external,” Hua said.

She said that it is quite clear that US State Secretary Mike Pompeo admitted to lying and boasting about what Pompeo said the “glory of the American experiment.”

“Doesn’t it feel like a déjà vu? In an April 2019 speech at Texas A&M University, former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo boasted, “we lied, we cheated, we stole. […] We had entire training courses. It reminds you of the glory of the American experiment.” This is what the US has said and done,” she said.

The foreign affairs spokesperson said the US  in 2003, lied that they were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

According to Hua, the same ploy was used again by the Americans where they claimed that Syria possessed and used chemical weapons against the Syrian people, Hua described America’s antics as nothing more than “a small tube of white washing powder”.

“In 2003, the US launched military strikes against Iraq on the grounds that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, causing hundreds of thousands of casualties and making more than one million homeless. Years later, the US admitted that the evidence of Iraq’s holding weapons of mass destruction was nothing more than a small tube of white washing powder,” Hua said.

Hua added that the CIA participated in the National Endowment For Democracy (NED) through sponsoring, and commanding anti – China sloganeering in Hong Kong in an attempt to spark a “ color revolution” in Hong Kong.

“In 2019, during the disturbance over proposed legislative amendments in Hong Kong, the CIA worked hand in glove with National Endowment for Democracy to sponsor, instigate and even command anti-China, destabilizing forces in Hong Kong to launch vandalizing, looting and arson attacks, and storm the Legislative Council building in the name of fighting for democracy and freedom in an attempt to spark a “color revolution” in Hong Kong,” she said.

Hua maintained that the US and its several Western allies are targeting the pure and white Xinjiang cotton.  She said the Americans  imposed sanctions on relevant Chinese individuals and entity over the false accusation of the sensational “crimes” of “forced labor”, “forced sterilization” and even “genocide” in Xinjiang.

“Facts have repeatedly proved that Xinjiang-related issues are not ethnic, religious, or human rights issues, but are issues of fighting terrorism and secessionism,” Hua stressed

The U.S. does not really care about the Uyghurs, if so, it would not had declared wars on several Muslim countries in the name of counter- terrorism and caused millions of Muslims to lose their lives and homes after the 9/11 attacks, Hua noted.

The spokesperson further stated that the U.S. is the only country in the world that issues of the “Muslim Ban” in 2017 which banned foreign nationals from seven predominantly Muslim countries from visiting the country for 90 days.

Their real purpose is to destroy China’s safety and ability so as to contain China, said Hua.

Today’s China is not Iraq, Syria and by no means be the late King Dynasty which was invaded by the then eight great powers in the world, Hua stated solemnly, reaffirming that the country has the firm determination, will and capability to defend its sovereignty, National dignity and interests.

China on Friday announced sanctions on relevant British individuals and entities in response to the UK’s unilateral sanctions imposed on relevant Chinese individuals and entities, citing the so-called human rights issues in Xiajiang.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, the government of China’s Uyghurs Autonomous Region also issued a statement condemning the unilateral, unjustifiable sanctions imposed by the United States, Britain and Canada on some individuals and entities in Xinjiang.

According to the statement, the sanctions gravely violated international law and basic norms governing international relations seriously interfered in China’s internal affairs and fully exposed sinister intentions of those countries of these countries to disrupt stability and development of Xinjiang.


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