Buffalo City Party Goers Totally Disregard Covid Regulations

National News

08 February 2021

Staff PretoriaLIVE

CapeTown – The Buffalo City Metro is calling on businesses to act responsibly, in the wake of the resumption of alcohol sales.

This follows a disturbing video about a recent gathering at an indoor venue in East London has gone viral showing total disregard of Lockdown Alert Level 3 regulations, The Buffalo City Metros Samkelo Ngwenya said.

The video shows revellers inside and East London venue partying while disregarding directives. No social distancing was maintained and only one woman was seen in the video wearing a mask.

“We are calling on all businesses in Buffalo City to respect the law.
Most businesses were practicing the regulations well before the resumption of the sales of alcohol and we are calling on businesses to put lives over profits.”

Ngwenya called on liquor license regulators to also take action against businesses that are breaking the law as they are in breach of their license conditions.

Meanwhile, The Buffalo City Command Center will be meeting tomorrow morning to receive reports from Workstreams operating in the fight against the virus including Health and Safety.


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