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Xoli Mngambi Newzroom Africa’s Show Under The Spotlight


05 February 2021

Staff Reporter/ PretoriaLIVE
Pretoria – The Office of the Deputy President has noted with disappointment at yet another set of wild allegations on Deputy President Mabuza that were engineered and approached through the show “Newzfeed AM with Xoli Mngambi” on Wednesday 03 February 2021, the Office Of The Deputy President have said.
Matshepo Seedat said that at the end of the show, whose focus was on purported collapse of policing and disruption of construction projects in eMalahleni, Mpumalanga. During the show, Mngambi made false assertions claiming that the Office of the Deputy President had said that, “it was not yet time for the Deputy President to comment on these issues and they were aware of what has been said about the Deputy President. Perhaps in due time, they will give us their side of the story”.
“This is a complete fabrication that Mngambi, has to resort to in order to achieve his nefarious purpose. Of late, Mngambi has taken to the mischievous habit of attempting to draw the Deputy President to his multiple imaginary conspiracies and fabrications. This situation inherently brings into focus not only the integrity of Mngambi and the ethics of journalism practices in his show, but also the very “verification portal” policy of Newzroom Afrika.”

“The contradiction makes a mockery of Newzroom Afrika’s own motto that, ‘It’s better to be right than to be first’. Through Mngambi’s dubious hand, we are left wondering if the station actually stands for what it purports to,” Seedat said.
Seedat added that had they been accorded an opportunity to respond to these allegations, they would have taken the opportunity as we do now, to inform the public that we reject those baseless allegations with all the contempt they deserve. The Deputy President is on record including from the parliamentary podium that he is not and does not consider himself above the law. He in fact encourages anyone with evidence of wrongdoing on his part, to report such allegations to any of the law enforcement agencies that have been made available by our democracy.
“It is common knowledge that the Deputy President has not been the Premier of Mpumalanga Province since March 2018, and is further excluded by the constitutional architecture of our country with its distinct and separate spheres of government, from exercising provincial executive authority in Mpumalanga. Therefore, he cannot be justly drawn into the politics of the province.”
“As Deputy President of the Republic, he should be afforded an opportunity to focus on his constitutional responsibility at national government in service of all South Africans,” Seedat said.
With the Mngambi’s roaming the newsrooms, we remain exceedingly anxious that their amplified self-serving voices may succeed and drown those of ordinary South Africans whose lives improved under the Deputy President’s term of office in Mpumalanga. Nonetheless, we remain convinced that in the final analysis, the good deeds of the Deputy President will speak for themselves, Seedat explained.
For the record, we reiterate that the Deputy President is not aware of the existence of some henchmen, who are allegedly harassing whistle blowers to serve whatever interests. We have said many times before that whoever becomes aware of such obviously criminal behaviour must report such to the police.
For Newzroom Afrika to create a platform for conspirators to manufacture endless accusations against the Deputy President in the court of public opinion, serves no good for our country. The Deputy President’s interests are to actively engage in the fight to end poverty in our society, address unemployment, and help build a united and cohesive society, epitomised by equality of all.
“We are confident that within our human rights-centred constitutional democracy, this goal is achievable without having to resort to criminality as asserted in Xoli Mgnambi’s show. Advocacy and influence are sufficient instruments to advance and deepen our democratic cultures and practices,” Seedat explained.