Spectacular Augrabies Falls In All Its Majesty


02 February 2021

Staff Reporter/PretoriaLIVE

Pretoria – South African National Parks (SANParks) Augrabies Falls National Park is putting on a show like no other as the flow of water over the falls is anticipated to reach 2000 cubic metres per second (cumec) in the next two weeks, Genevieve Maasdrop, Arid Parks – SANParks Communications Manager said.

Due to the high rainfall across the country, the falls are getting full and a wonder to experience.

“The aptly named “Akoerebis” or “place of great of noise” as it was described by the Khoi people is roaring with sound as the Orange River cascades down the 56 metre high waterfall at an amazing 1065 cumec as recorded on 31 January 2021.”

“The Department of Water & Sanitation indicated that it will stay like this for Monday with a slow decrease until Friday, 05 February 2021, when it is expected to rise to approximately 2000 cumec. It is predicted that it will stay over 2000 cumec from Friday for the next five to seven days,” Maarsdrop said.

Maarsdrop explained that the Augrabies Falls National Park will definitely be roaring with sound and a sight to behold for the next two weeks. “So come and #LiveYourWild at our spectacular Augrabies Falls National Park in the Arid Region.”

The name Augrabies was given to the Water Fall by a Swede, Hendrik Jacob Wikar when he passed there in 1799.

The name is derived from the Mama word as the Khoi people would refer to ” Aukoerebis” meaning the “Place of Great Noise”.

This refers to the Orange River water thundering its way down the 56m spectacular main waterfall. Since then the waterfall has been termed a National Park.


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