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“You don’t always have to go far away in order to have a great time.”

23 January 2021

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JOHANNESBURG -The new life caused by the COVID-19 pandemic still requires us to explore the beauty of Mzansi. Such places and their activities provide us with palliative treatment which is psychologically important. However, travelers need to be well informed as this becomes an ammunition to make their travel safe, enjoyable, memorable and regrettable.

The New Year has started off on an interesting note for many of us. For some, there were feelings of anxiety and uncertainty over what the year has in store. The previous year has taught us that there are several things that are not in our control, however, we can all agree that we control the perceptions we have towards the challenges we face.

As the year begins, a clean slate of the mind needs to be established and new habits need to be developed .One of the best ways to experience this is through the discovery of our nation’s best kept gems. Local travel has become not only a form of therapy in the midst of a pandemic, but has ensured that the travel and tourism industry allows South Africans to experience the country’s beauty in a safe and affordable way.

South Africa has a diversity of offerings where each province boasts of offerings that will leave the traveler in awe from safari game experiences, beautiful beaches, to the big city lifestyle or the lavish luxury experience in vineyards, satisfying everyone’s needs. Each province has its own story to tell and a unique encounter that will leave you wanting more. The variety of offerings accommodate different travel tastes and various budget tiers, all of which allow all us to have our fun in our own way.

We have to be honest though, traveling and experiencing the feel of various places in the country is still a burden for most people and there is more that can be done to accommodate a wider spectrum of travelers. Organizations like South African National Parks (SANPs), SA Tourism, provincial tourism authorities and various content creators have been working tirelessly to instill travel confidence in people and assure them that SA is ready for travel again.

One don’t always have to go far away in order to have a great time. Some places are just around the corner. Start by exploring the beautiful gems in your backyard and you will be surprised by how much your neighborhood has to offer.

Let’s dive into the tips of a great traveling adventure:

Below are a 10 travel tips that will assist you to experience South Africa in the most financially savvy way.

Travel tip number 1:
Start by deciding on a destination or location that speaks to your travel needs and budget. Considering the state of our economy at this point, it is important for all of us to be most frugal with our extracurricular and recreational activities. Your choice destination will also inform you on a number of factors like the transport you’ll use and how much all of this will cost etc.

Travel tip 2:
Prepare a strict budget that you’ll follow while you’re on the trip and DO NOT spend a cent more. Listing every expense like food, accommodation, activities etc, is important as it will give you a forecast of what you can and cannot afford during your trp. This also helps you find more affordable options that will still make your trip worth your while.

Travel tip 3:
Decide if you want to go alone or with company. We’re not all built to travel with company but experience shows that group trips will always save you so much money. There is a quote that says,” if you want to go somewhere fast, go alone, but if you want to go somewhere far, take someone with you”.

Travel tip 4:
Airbnb is not always the cheapest option, so you’ll need to ask around and do your research properly if you want to get the best value for money. Here is something to take into consideration, accommodation is always cheaper during the week. Let’s take advantage of those specials. We need to pay attention to online reviews and hear what others have to say about the accomodation place.

Travel tip 5:
We don’t realize the importance of an itinerary until we arrive at our destination. An itinerary ensures that you experience your trip on a tight budget and allows you to explore all the places you want to see while you are on your chosen location. An itinerary will also keep you accountable with your time so that the experience is wholesome and worthwhile. Social media is a great tool to inform your itinerary. Click on geo-location tags on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see the interesting activities people get up to. Check out #21Days21Destinations on all social media platforms to see super cool places and activities across the country.

Travel tip 6:
Check the weather before you leave! And always know which clothes to pack. The last thing you need is to end up buying clothes because you were negligent. Prefer to pack light; heavy bags are a heavy to carry around.

Travel tip 7:
Find a local. They usually know all the best spots and if you’re really nice you could even experience some places for free. Remember though, safety first!

Travel tip 8:
Don’t eat hectic meals. Rather spend that money on skydiving or snorkeling. However, it is important to try out the local cuisine at your chosen destination. Some of you might disagree, but there really is no need for caviar oysters.

Travel tip 9:
Transport? Be smart! If you can save money by being on the road, then don’t fly. But if flight, renting an Uber etc works, then do that. Make sure you carefully weigh out your options.

Travel tip 10:
Don’t forget to notify a next of kin about your trip. Especially the ladies! Please keep safe, ALWAYS! We’re are in a pandemic, so it wise to keep your vitamin tablets, mask and sanitizer handy at all times.

Happy travel!


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