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Malema slams closing of South Africa’s borders while airports operate


15 January 2021

Nomazulu Moyo/PretoriaLIVE

JOHANNESBURG – EFF leader Julius Malema on Thursday criticized the South African government for shutting down 20
land borders while airports in the country continue to take international arrivals.

Malema made the remarks on Thursday at a press conference in Johannesburg.

“The disease didn’t come here from Lesotho or Zimbabwe, it came from Italy. It is the white people who brought the disease here. When we said to the government, quarantine these people through forceful isolation, because they were white, they [government] didn’t isolate them,” said the firebrand opposition leader.

” What is the point of closing borders of SADC and allowing flights to come in? And
you know very well that flights are used by white people. It is black people who use these borders that are closed.”

South Africa last week closed all land borders as the country battles to contain the second wave of COVID-19.

Malema emphasized that the government should have closed the skies and
quarantined people coming into the country when the pandemic was first identified in South Africa.

He added that closing of the land
borders will not stop people without COVID-19 free certificates from entering South Africa, using undesignated entry points.

“The closing of borders within SADC has nothing to do with coronavirus but reveals a self hate and desire to appear tough to European nations who have closed their ports of entry to us, yet they can come as they please to our country . Flood gates of corona are opened to people who brought corona here. We must not shy away from that, it is white people who brought corona here,” Malema emphasized.

Meanwhile, the EFF leader called for a high-level SADC meeting to come up with common protocols and procedures for travel including free testing and
provision of clearance permits to enter South Africa.