Overcoming the coronavirus pandemic our first priority, ANC


08 January 2021

Staff Reporter/PretoriaLIVE

PRETORIA – The African National Congress (ANC) on Thursday celebrated its 109th birthday since its formation. The party had stood the test of time fighting the oppressive jaws of apartheid, the colonial system that dominated the South African soil for years.

Delivering his televised 8 January statement, President Ramaphosa said the party has traversed a long path overcoming obstacles and achieving many along the way. The President said that the priorities of the ANC for 2021 are   based on the resolutions of the 54th National Congress and that they reflect the continuity of the ANC’s mission and its programs overtime.

‘ Our foremost immediate priority is to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic. This virus is ever present and it threatens the health and well being of everyone in the country. It threatens livelihoods and undermines our efforts to rebuild the economy and create jobs”.

South Africa is in the midst of a second wave that could prove deadlier than the first unless everyone plays their part to defeat the virus.

“ We have to intensify our efforts to promote responsible behaviour , such as physical distancing, washing or sanitising our hands, wearing face masks appropriately and adhering to other protocols.” Ramaphosa said.

The President called on the need to strengthen the health delivery system of South Africa and to sustain community health interventions such as mass screening, testing and tracing.

“To overcome COVID -19 we are preparing  a mass vaccination programme that reaches all South Africans as appropriate quantities of an effective and suitable vaccine are procured. This programme will initially prioritise health workers and other frontline personnel such as teachers and policemen and women, the elderly and people with co- morbidities. We will progressively reach all South Africans with a mass vaccination campaign to achieve herd immunity and prevent ongoing transmission, “ Ramaphosa said.

Ramaphosa added that there was need actively counter the spread of disinformation relating to COVID -19 and unfounded conspiracy theories about the virus its treatment and development of vaccines.

“ Above all,  as we have done over the past year , we must continue to work together as a united nation to confront the grave coronavirus threat. Our focus throughout must be on saving lives and protecting livelihoods”, Ramaphosa reiterated.

During the 8 January televised address by President Ramaphosa, may issues were brought to the fore which the ANC party will see implemented in 2021. Since its formation, ANC has been championing economic development and improving lives for South Africa. ANC will not be hosting  the traditional celebrations in 2021  as a result of the Covid -19 pandemic which restricts public gathering and calls for social distancing.


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