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Another cyclone to hit eastern Zimbabwe, Weather experts warn


24 December 2020

Staff Reporter/PretoriaLIVE

Pretoria – Zimbabwe is reportedly set to experience another tropical cyclone that will result in massive flooding, especially in one of that country’s province, Manicaland.

The province was the epicenter of Cyclone Idai around February and March of 2019.

The tropical storm, named Cyclone Chalane, according to the Zimbabwe’s Meteorological Services Department (MSD) is likely to follow the path of Cyclone Idai, which occurred in March last year and left a trail of destruction in eastern Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwe’s Meteorological Services Department issued a statement on the occurrence of the anticipated cyclone.

“The MSD is monitoring a weather system in the Indian Ocean that might develop into a tropical cyclone. It is predicted to move towards the Mozambique coast by December 30, 2020,” read the department’s notice.

A legislator in province Joshua Sacco also weighed in and  posted on his Twitter handle about the looming cyclone.

“There are predictions of Cyclone Chalane hitting Beira on December 30, as well as Eastern Zimbabwe, with Chimanimani in its path on December 31. We pray that this cyclone loses its velocity before it hits Beira and Zimbabwe. Weather experts on Monday warned of a tropical storm that is building up in the Indian Ocean and could make landfall in Madagascar at the weekend and proceed towards the Mozambique channel early next week,” Sacco said.

Thousands of people, especially in Chimanimani, Chipinge and some parts of Masvingo, were displaced while more than 500 others reportedly died. About 300 people are still missing since the occurrence of Cyclone Idai. Currently, hundreds of people are still living in tents in Ngangu township in Chimanimani.