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President pleased with discussions with war veterans


23 December 2020

Staff Reporter/ PretoriaLIVE

Pretoria – President Cyril Ramaphosa has assured Liberation Struggle War Veterans and Military Veterans that the issues they have raised with government in relation to social and economic support will be addressed, Tyrone Seale, Acting Spokesperson to the President said.

“The President said government recognised the contribution of Military Veterans to the attainment of a free and democratic South Africa”.

Seale added that the President gave this commitment on Tuesday , at a meeting of the High Level Task Team on matters related to the benefits of Military Veterans, which is led by Deputy President David Mabuza, and formations and associations of Military Veterans.

“The President expressed satisfaction with the progress that has been made by the High Level Task Team in coming up with solutions to the grievances the Liberation Struggle War Veterans and Military Veterans have raised with government”, Seale said.

“The task team appointed by the President in November 2020 comprises the Deputy President, the Minister in the Presidency for Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, and the Minister and Deputy Minister of Defence and Military Veterans.”

Seale maintained that the task team has since 11 November 2020, held a number of high-level discussions to resolve matters of serious concern relating to the well-being of military veterans.

These matters were raised by military veterans in a memorandum submitted to The Presidency on 10 November 2020.

“Yesterday’s meeting reflected on the progress that has been made through the discussions to date. While consensus has been reached on a number of critical points, discussions and engagements will continue to resolve outstanding issues”.

“President Ramaphosa commended the constructive, principled manner in which the military veterans raised their concerns and he assured the veterans these issues will be resolved”, Seale said.

Seale emphasized that acknowledging the contribution of military veterans to the South Africa in which we live today, President Ramaphosa said, “A country that does not look after its military veterans, who sacrificed to help all South Africans to attain freedom, is a country with no appreciation of its foundation and past, and therefore a country with no future.”

“The President highlighted that more work needs to be done, that engagement needs to continue on some of the issues, and that implementation needs to be monitored in areas that are ready to be actioned”.

Seale went on to say that, “The Deputy President and the task team will continue to engage various government stakeholders including Ministers and Premiers to implement what has been agreed to thus far and to strengthen government’s support to military veterans”.

“A follow-up meeting will be held early in the new year”, Seale said.