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Transport department warns residents of potential scams at licensing centres


22 December 2020

Staff Reporter/PretoriaLIVE

Pretoria – The City of Tshwane’s Licensing Services Division has become aware of an apparent scam targeting individuals who need learner’s or driving licences, or who have outstanding fines or any licencing-related service. The scammers are known to pose as City of Tshwane employees or purport to have contacts at the driving licence testing centres, Dikelodi Selowa for Roads and Transport Department said. 

“In response to the reports of these incidents occurring I want to share the crucial information that pertains to the services offered at the Licensing centres”. 

“Firstly, always avoid conducting any consultations outside the designated licencing office. Ensure that you are dealing with an official and insist on obtaining the name of the official that you are dealing with”, Selowa warned.

Selowa went on to say that, “Secondly, do not make any payment without obtaining an official receipt or evidence of payment”. 

“The City’s Licencing Services Division would like to inform the public and residents of Tshwane that it does not offer packages for driving licences, has no affiliation with driving school operators, and definitely does not issue learner or driving licences without the requisite testing process having been successfully completed”, Selowa said. 

Selowa warned on, ”any offers from individuals presenting short cuts or services to fast track any processes”. 

“The City has various platforms in place for you to execute your transactions in a manner that does not expose you to scammers, such as the online booking facility”. 

Selowa said that, “Do not allow yourself to be lured to pay more than what you are supposed to pay”.

“Further, it is important to note that our Licensing Services Division offers tests for learner’s and driving licence applicants within set parameters and there are no allowances for deviating from the process”. 

Selowa added that, ”If you receive information to the contrary, know immediately that it is a scam. Even if you have confirmation that the person is in fact a City employee, any offer to circumvent the system amounts to bribery and corruption and you will become an accessory to the crime”. 
“Report such officials on our hotline 080 874 9263 or 086 1400 800. We assure you that your identity will remain anonymous, unless you consent to your name being published”, said Selowa. 

“Finally, ensure that all your road traffic fines, licensing renewals and registrations are done on time. Do not allow any fines to accrue, because that leads to desperation. If you have fallen victim to any scams or corruption, you are advised to lay a charge with the South African Police Service”, Selowa maintained.