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Three arrested for stealing cell phone base station batteries


17 December

Staff Reporter/PretoriaLIVE 

Johannesburg – Undercover police officers from Johannesburg Metro Police arrested three suspects who were in possession of stolen cell phone base station batteries on Wednesday, Wayne Minaar, Johannesburg Metropolitan Police spokesperson said.

 Minaar said, “Undercover police officers spotted a white Opel van in Fordsburg on Wednesday morning which fitted the description of a vehicle which was seen in connection with a crime in Vaalbank where two Vodacom tower batteries were stolen.”

After the three male were stopped by police they  jumped out of the van and attempted to escape. However, the officers chased after them on foot and arrested all three suspects, Minnar added.

“The suspects were detained at Johannesburg Central Police Station, and they were charged for possession of the stolen property, valued at approximately R40 000”.

Minnar said, ”The suspects are likely to appear in the Vereeniging Magistrates court soon on charges of burglary and theft”.