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President Ramaphosa urges South Africans to avoid public gatherings


14 December 2020

Staff Reporter/ PretoriaLIVE

Pretoria- President Cyril Ramaphosa has urged South Africans to abide by the Covid-19 principles. He said if these principles are properly followed they help in the fight against Covid-19.

The President was speaking Monday evening on the state of Covid-19 in the country.

“Given the rate at which new cases have grown over the last two weeks, there is every possibility that if we do not act urgently and if we do not act together, the second wave will be dangerous”

Ramaphosa emphasized that for the first time in this pandemic, most of the new infections are among young people, particularly those in the age group of 15 to 19 years.

“There are probably many reasons for this massive spike in infections especially gatherings” he said.

Ramaphosa said that, “Gatherings – especially social gatherings and parties – are the largest source of outbreaks.

“In many of these gatherings, social distancing is not being observed, venues are crowded and not adequately ventilated, hand sanitiser is not readily available, and people are not wearing masks, said Ramaphosa.

Ramaphosa maintained that many people consume alcoholic drinks at these ‘super-spreader’ events, with the result that people become less careful about taking measures to protect themselves and prevent infection.

“The recent post-matric Rage Festival event in Ballito is a harsh reminder of how dangerous large gatherings can be”.

“We now know that nearly 1,000 young people from Gauteng who attended the event have tested positive for the coronavirus. What we don’t yet know is how many more people each of them has infected” said Ramaphosa.

Ramaphosa added that up to 300 families could in turn have been infected.

“The sad truth about this pandemic is that festivals, concerts and parties – which should be occasions for fun and joy – are proving to be sources of infection and illness, and may even lead to death.

Other measures announced by Ramaphosa include the banning of festivals, Live music, and live performances at beaches will remain prohibited.