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Four arrested in Tshwane for robbing an Uber driver


12 December 2020

Staff Reporter/PretoriaLIVE

Pretoria- Foud suspects are expected to appear in Pretoria Magistrate Court this coming Monday after they were arrested in connection with the robbery of an Uber driver in Tshwane on Friday.

The suspects are believed to be members of Pretoria Meter Taxi Association who stopped an uber lady driver and demanded an amount of R1500.00 from her after initially impersonating as traffic officers, Sello Maremane, Gauteng Traffic Police spokesperson said.

The suspects were arrested yesterday in Pretoria at corner Scheiding and Thabo sehume.

“Gauteng Traffic Police would like to appeal to the members of various taxi associations to refrain from impersonating as officers, stopping vehicles illegally and demanding money,” said Maremane.

“The law enforcement authorities will continue to root out all corrupt elements within the province and all those found impersonating officers will face the full might of law.”

Maremane maintained that the members of the public are therefore encouraged to continue reporting any form of lawlessness to the law enforcement officers.