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Call for tougher measures to tackle human rights violations


11 December 2020

Staff Reporter/PretoriaLIVE
The South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO) in the North West on Thursday called for tougher measures to tackle human rights violations. The civic organisation made the call in its commemorative International Human Rights Day message.
” Freedom and democracy must translate into tangible deliverables to restore the dignity of the historically marginalised, i.e. if the constitutional injunction to address the imbalances of the past is to be realised,” said SANCO Provincial Chairperson, Paul Sebegoe.
The economic turnaround must be spurred by infrastructure delivery through accelerated implementation of the District Development Model, Sebegoe added.
“The extraction economy has thus far benefitted only a few and continues to impoverish the majority who have had to depend on social grants for survival in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic which has worsened their condition and negatively impacted their livelihoods,” he emphasised.
He appealed for private sector involvement as well as infrastructure investment and community development.
“Jobs must be urgently created because much as they are desperately needed by the poorest of the poor, the distribution of food parcels is not a sustainable intervention,” Sebegoe said.
Job creation must be top of the agenda, i.e. if the new normal is to be an equalizer, he maintained.
He added that conditions that give rise to violent conflicts on the continent including forced migration due to political instability must be addressed by the African Union.
“Member states must be held accountable for human rights violation and actions that undermine the rule of law,” underscored Sebegoe.