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Man gets life in jail for murder of girlfriend


11 December 2020

Staff Reporter/PretoriaLIVE

North West- The High Court of South Africa, North West Division sentenced Patrick Kabelo Seleho to life imprisonment for murdering his girlfriend, Yvonne Dibueng Mkhomte, Henry Mamothane, Regional Spokesperson North West Division said.
“On the night of 13 May 2019 at Sonderwater in the district of Tlokwe, Seleho found Mkhomte and her three children asleep. He started an argument with her, accusing her of cheating. Then Seleho assaulted her with a sharp object and started to chop her with a spade”.
Seleho pleaded guilty to this charge and confessed to the murder.
Mamothane said, “Seleho confessed to killing the deceased by hitting her with a spade following their long argument. He then locked the body with the three children who were asleep inside the house, then rushed to his mother’s house where he confessed to the murder”.

“His mother called his uncle, who subsequently went to the crime scene and called the police. Selohe was subsequently detained and charged for murder”.
Seleho was described by key witnesses as abusive and that he quite often assaulted Mkhomte for no reason.
Mamothane added the victim reported him for assault and ultimately applied for a protection order which was issued on 08 May 2018. The order compelled Seleho not to insult, assault or threaten the applicant with violence, verbal abuse and harassment.
Advocate Takalani Muneri told the court that the murder was premeditated and that a maximum punishable sentence should be meted out to the accused as he gruesomely murdered his partner. He further argued that cases of femicide and Gender Based Violence should be dealt with harshly to send a strong message to those who may commit a similar crime.
Mamothane further said that the Director of Public Prosecutions in the North West, Advocate Moipone Noko, has welcomed the judgement and commended Advocate Muneri for a successful prosecution. She said,” that justice was served and the judgment will send a strong message to the perpetrators of gender-based violence and femicide that the criminal justice system is serious in dealing with this scourge”.