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Mpumalanga department of education condemns “pens down” parties


10 December 2020

Staff Reporter/Mpumalanga

Mpumalanga- MEC for the Mpumalanga Department of Education, Mr Bonakele Majuba is making a clarion call to the class of 2020 to refrain from participating in the so called “Pens Down Parties” as the National Senior Certificate Examinations are coming to an end.

These parties are normally organized by ecstatic learners or third parties to enable learners to celebrate their last day in high school.

“The Department has, however, over the years regrettably noted that these parties have disastrous consequences, due to lack of adult supervision, alcohol or drugs overindulgence as learners often find themselves experimenting in alcohol and drugs.”

“These parties also afford learners some degree of exposure to unprotected sexual encounters and many end up driving under the influence of alcohol which has led to horrific car accidents in the past,” said Majuba.

With the advent of COVID 19 infections, the Minister of Health has also warned the nation about rage parties being super spreaders of the novel virus. It is in that context that MEC Majuba discourages and condemns the participation of learners to these parties.

MEC Majuba also requested learners to desist from tearing their school uniforms which is a custom in these parties. The MEC, instead encourages all learners to donate their school uniform to less fortunate learners in their different communities who may greatly benefit and welcome such benevolence.

“The year 2020 has been difficult for many households, with many parents not being able to reach their financial targets, the donation of school uniforms will therefore lessen the financial pressure and burden upon such household and will be greatly appreciated.”

“We cannot turn a blind eye on the ill advised activities of the pens down parties. We thus appeal to our communities to discourage the hosting of these parties and to discourage learners from attending them. As the COVID-19 second wave is upon the nation, as announced by the Minister of Health, it is prudent for all of us to stay away from these parties and other social gatherings to guard against the spread of the virus as well as the dangers and social ills associated with the pens down parties,” said MEC Majuba.