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ANC says ATM motion of no confidence in Ramaphosa frivolous and time-wasting


03 December 2020

Parliamentary Correspondent/PretoriaLive

CAPE TOWN – The ruling African National Congress (ANC) on Thursday described the motion of no confidence motion brought by the African Transformation Movement (ATM) against President Cyril Ramaphosa as a waste of Parliament’s time.

“It is regrettable that instead of focusing the attention of Parliament to real issues that will advance the aspirations of the people of South Africa, ATM has chosen to waste Parliament’s time by proposing a motion they know stands no chance of succeeding. There is simply no basis for the motion and is quite frivolous,” said ANC national spokesperson Pule Mabe.

“It is indeed a testimony to the strength of our democracy that a two-MP-party in our proportional representation system can get their voice heard. It is a pity, however, that they chose to squander this opportunity in this manner.”

Mabe said the ANC was confident that its members of Parliament, who would debate the motion, would defeat the ATM bid. Mabe said even if the ATM postpones its motion, it would still fail.

“We note that they are now considering to postpone their motion until next year and that they intend approaching the court for a secret ballot. They are displaying their fear of their irrelevance. Whatever the court decides, the ANC stands ready to defeat the motion,” said Mabe.

“Our confidence and the confidence of the people in the leadership of President Cyril Ramaphosa remain unwavering. Accordingly, we urge ATM, to focus its attention on inputs that would strengthen the economic transformation and recovery plan led by the president, so that together we can set the country’s economy on an irreversible upward trajectory.”

The official opposition, the Democratic Alliance has declared that it would abstain from voting, as it believes the ATM is fighting a proxy battle on behalf of the anti-Ramaphosa faction within the ANC.

The Inkatha Freedom Party said it would vote against the motion of no confidence, while the African Christian Democratic Party declared that it would abstain. The United Democratic Movement has said it won’t take part in the vote unless there is a secret ballot.