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Power cables recovered in Lombardy


22 November 2020

Staff Reporter/ PretoriaLIVE

JOHANNESBURG – City Power cables worth thousands were found over the weekend at a house in Lombardy.

“The police managed to enter the yard on Saturday morning and 50 metre underground core copper cable and about 15 metre pole-to-ground copper cable was recovered and taken to police station, and a case opened,” said City Power Head of Security Sergeant Thela.

The Lombardy area includes Alexandra and Bramley. In recent days the are experienced several outages due to cable theft.

The house was raided after City Power security received a tip of from the members of the community about bundles and rolls of used and new electricity cables and suspicious activity at a house which is being rented out to students.

The owner of the residence was not available and police have indicated interest in questioning them.

Vandalism of electricity infrastructure and cable theft cost the City millions in lost revenue added Thela.