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Gauteng Traffic Police cautions motorists


29 October 2020

Staff Reporter/PretoriaLIVE

JOHANNESBURG – The Gauteng Traffic Police has urged motorists to adhere to road safety rules and regulations at all times.

Sello Maremane, Gauteng Traffic Police Spokesperson said, “Road safety must always be at the top of road users’ priorities. Drivers should always consider the threats posed by non-compliance to the rules and regulations of the road.”

The month of October is transport month and it was observed under the theme: “Together shaping the future of Transport”.

Gauteng Traffic Police carried out various law enforcement operations throughout the province to enhance road safety and ensure compliance by all road users.

Maremane said the exercise included traffic monitoring, vehicle inspections, traffic fine offences and crime prevention initiatives during the roadblocks

Motorists arrested by Gauteng Traffic Police. Photo: supplied

Various road safety education campaigns were also conducted by the officers in various corridors to discourage unsafe road user behaviour.

Maremane said from the period 1st October until 28th October 2020 Gauteng Traffic Police recorded that 29 000 vehicles were stopped and inspected for roadworthiness. About 80 were discontinued from operating on Gauteng roads due to unroadworthy conditions.

14 338 Drivers were charged for committing various road traffic offences.

About 17 Public Transport Vehicles were impounded for operating without operating licenses.

At least 82 Drivers were arrested for driving under the influence of intoxicating alcohol.

An additional 37 Drivers were arrested for reckless and negligent driving as well as excessive speeding.

A total of 19 900 vehicles were weighed for overloading, of which 1 140 were charged for overloading and 3 drivers arrested for overloading.

10 stolen vehicles were recovered. While 18 suspects were arrested for various crimes including being in possession of illegal firearms, drug dealings and theft of motor vehicles amongst others.

“Our statistics reveal a glaring picture of blatant disregard for the rules of the road especially on weekends often resulting in many fatalities. We have noted that human factors such as excessive speeding, jay-walking, reckless and negligent driving, distracted driving such as the use of cellphones while driving and driving under the influence of alcohol have contribute immensely to these fatal crashes,” added Sello Maremane.