S.C.A Tshwane judgment signals victory for the DA


27 October 2020

Staff Reporter/PretoriaLIVE

PRETORIA – The Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) dismissed, with costs, the Section 18(4) appeal lodged by the Gauteng Provincial Government this year; a decision welcomed by the Democratic Alliance (DA).

John Steenhuisen MP and Leader of the Democratic Alliance said, “This is a fantastic win for the DA and I am delighted that the judgment has now given the DA the green light to immediately reinstate our government in Tshwane so that we can roll up our sleeves and do what we were elected to do – serve the residents of South Africa’s capital and bring the D.A difference to South Africans”.

Steenhuisen thanked the DA councillors in Tshwane who remained he described as, “resolute in their commitment to their responsibilities as public servants, and who have continued to fulfill their duties, without pay, for the entire duration of this appeal process.”

The DA leader also said the judgment is not only crucial for the residents of the Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality, but for democracy in South Africa, as it has laid bare the desperate and extreme lengths to which the ANC will try to circumvent democratic processes and the constitution, and use their own governments and the courts to cling to power where they have clearly lost the trust of voters at the ballot box”.

The battle between DA and ANC over Tshwane had been going on since 2016. The ANC lost its rule of the capital city to DA in the 2016 municipal elections. Over this period the DA has been rocked by sex scandals from its senior Tshwane officials including former Mayor Solly Msimanga


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