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No water shortage in Gauteng, but use water sparingly, says Department of Water


24 October 2020

Staff Reporter/PretoriaLIVE

JOHANNESBURG – The Department of Water and Sanitation has assured residents of Gauteng and surrounding areas that the province is not facing an imminent crisis of day zero.

As the department tasked with ensuring water security we do not have such a concept as “day zero”, but rather are keen to ensure that the system does not fail, ” said spokespeople Sputnik Ratau.

He said this is despite the levels of the” “critically important” Vaal Dam hovering under 40 percent.

“The fact that the Vaal Dam is presently hovering at 30.2 percent does not mean the province is facing impending severe water shortages that could cause alarm. Accordingly, consumers have no reason to panic as the Department is monitoring the state of the dams, including of that of the Vaal Dam, on a continuous basis,” said Ratau.

As one of the 14 water sourves that form part of the Integrated Vaal River System
(IVRS), Ratau said the Vaal Dam should not be seen in isolation but within the context of the system, which is in a relatively stable state, floating above the neutral 50 percent mark.

“It is important to note that some of the dams within the IVRS, the biggest system in
the country, supporting the crucial heartbeat of South Africa’s economy, Gauteng, are at comfortable levels. The department has not had to even tap into the IVRS’s reserve dam, the Sterkfontein Dam which is at 94,3 percent,” said Ratau.

He said another reserve, the Grootdraai Dam is currently at 75,9 percent , and the Bloemhof Dam is at 86,2 percent.

” As the country anticipates downpours in the next few weeks and months, the
Department urges consumers to use water responsibly, conscious of the fact that
South African is a water-scarce country,” Ratau made an appeal to Gauteng residents.