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AfriForum welcomes resumption of extramural school activities


23 October 2020

Staff Reporter

PRETORIA – AfriForum has welcomed the lifting of the ban on extramural school activities.

“We therefore regard the new regulations as a huge victory for each learner wanting to particpate in extramural activities. Sport and other extramural activities play an integral role in learners’ wellbeing and provide a sense of normality after the whole school year was disrupted due to the government’s handling of the pandemic,” said Ronald Peters AfriForum’s Manager of Sport.

This comes after Angie Motshekga, the Minister of Basic Education, published new regulations in the Government Gazette lifting the ban on extramural school activities. The schools will be guided by certain COVID-19 safety regulations.

In terms of the new covid-19 regulations all non-contact sports training, matches and activities, as well as arts and culture activities in schools may continue from 21 October. No spectators are allowed.