Pravin Gordhan

China – South Africa relations to strengthen in post COVID environment.

Africa Business National News Pretoria

28 September 2020

Staff Reporter/PretoriaLIVE

PRETORIA – The 71st National Day of the Republic of China was celebrated at the Embassy of China in South Africa on Monday. Ambassador designate Chen Xiaodong delivered the key note speech virtually.

Minister of Public Enterprise, Pravin Gordhan also delivered a speech were he elaborated China – South Africa relations in a post COVID environment.

In his congratulatory message, Gordhan said ” despite the severe consequences of the COVID19 pandemic that have been imposed on the international community, and socio economic impact that we have all been confronted with, we appreciate the opportunity to share in celebration and reflect on developments of China South Africa bilateral relations.

“We need to continue to naturing this relationship to revive our economies and mitigate the damage caused by the pandemic through appropriate economic strategies and investment”

A new 10 year strategic programme is set to be signed before the end of the year, between China and South Africa. “lt is anticipated that the new strategic plan will allow for engagement in key areas namely collaborations in science and thecnology, higher education and skills transfer” Gordhan said.

This follows the success of a 5 to 10 year stratigic development programme signed between China and South Africa. The first 5 years were completed in 2019.