Constantia Metering accused of fleecing Pretoria residents


23 September 2020

Staff Reporter

PRETORIA – Resident of Pretoria, organized under the Gauteng Tenants Association will today march to the offices of Constantia Metering, to hand over a memorandum of grievances relating to “inhumane treatment” by the electricity and water metering company.

“Tenants are going to handover a memorandum of demands to Constantia Metering to stop prohibited practices. Tenants have been subjected to inhumane treatment by Constantia Metering, they did cut off electricity and water supply during Covid-19 lockdown, which is not only unconstitutional but also contravention of Covid-19 regulations under Disaster Management Act,” said Gauteng Tenants Association’s Saintjay Manyasha.

“Their modus operandi is to send out estimated bills to Tenants and expect Tenants to pay such outrageous bills. When tenants fail to pay they cutoff water and electricity supply until tenants pay those ridiculously high bills. For Constantia to restore water and electricity to flats they have disconnected, they charge R750 disconnection fee and penalties for skipping payments.”

Image: Constantia Metering website

Manyasha said Constantia Metering is leaving tenants high and dry.

“Gauteng Tenants Association is motivated by this rallying cry by its members to cut the third party electricity service provider and deal directly with Tshwane in service delivery of basic services. Tenants demand that Tshwane must stop outsourcing basic services to third parties like Constantia Metering because they rip them off by charging way more than Tshwane tariffs which is unconstitutional,” said Manyasha.

“The mandate from tenants is clear : tenants want to deal directly with Tshwane and this is in line with the economic recovery plan by the President [Cyril Ramaphosa] to keep lights on by installing prepaid meters by municipalities as a measure of debt recovery.”

Constantia Metering had not been reached by the time of publishing.

This a developing story …


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