Over 70 speedsters arrested by Gauteng traffic police


Sunday 20 September 2020

Staff Reporter

JOHANNESBURG – The Gauteng traffic police’s high speed unit has arrested over 70 drivers for reckless and negligent driving on Gauteng roads this month, spokesperson Sello Maremane said on Sunday.

“The highest speed recorded recently was on Thursday night when a 27-year-old male was caught driving a Mercedes Benz E200 at 215 km/h on a prescribed maximum limit of 120 km/h on the N1 north freeway – Botha Avenue. In another incident, a 35-year-old male driver was arrested on the same day on the R21 freeway in Irene after being found excessively speeding a Range Rover Sport at 204 km/h on a prescribed maximum limit of 120km/h zone,” said Maremane.

Image: Gauteng Traffic Police

He said the Range Rover Sport driver claimed he was rushing his manager to a place of work.

“Both drivers were detained at Lyttelton Police Station where they were formally charged with reckless and negligent driving as well as exceeding the prescribed speed limit of 120km/h on a freeway. Both drivers have since been released on bail of R2 000 and R2 500 respectively and are expected to appear at the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court this coming week,” said Maremane.

He said the Gauteng traffic police high speed unit has been successful in clamping down on speedsters due to the use of “latest technological devices” during their operations such as the Moving Violation Recorders (MVR).

The MVR records the average speed measured over a minimum of 500 meters. The event is recorded and downloaded for investigation and prosecution purposes.

“Road fatalities are caused by driving under the influence of alcohol, reckless and negligent driving as well as excessive speeding. The Gauteng traffic police high speed unit will be on high alert by continuing to conduct patrol on Gauteng major routes to ensure that motorists adhere to the general speed limit,” said Maremane.

The Gauteng traffic police urged motorists to continue to exercise necessary caution by adhering to rules of the road, drive at a prescribed speed limit in order to save the lives of passengers and other road users.

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